Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace & Defense

As a DoD Defense Microelectronics Activity (DMEA) Trusted Foundry, Novati Technologies plays a critical role in transitioning next-generation silicon concepts from development to field deployment.

Novati is also an ITAR-certified, GSA-approved vendor with foundry-agnostic split-fab operations, making us the ideal partner for defense contractors looking to outsource their development and production to a cost-effective, on-shore foundry with deep sub-micron capabilities.

Engineering support areas:

  • CMOS architectures
  • MEMS
  • High Voltage
  • 3D IC sensor integration
  • novel transistors
  • opto-electronics
  • volatile and non-volatile memory
  • compound semiconductors
  • photonics

With a strong track record of producing high reliability semiconductors used in the aerospace and defense sector, having successfully delivered projects ranging from laser communications to electronic warfare (EW) to infrared imaging, our technology is here to help accelerate your product to market.

Novati’s unique business model is ideal for supporting the needs of the US Government’s advanced research projects like those sponsored by DARPA, IARPA and ARPA-E.  Novati has participated in more than 15 different programs through those agencies, as well as being a performer on multiple SBIR projects.

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